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Behind the Lens

We're a dynamic duo who take the time to really get you, so you can get more out of your moments.

about us

I'm Olivia

Olivia has literally been capturing moments and telling love stories through photos for half of her life. The opportunity to document such a significant day in a couple's journey still makes her giddy and is something she never takes for granted.

Having actual soulmates for parents, Olivia grew up surrounded by true love. Through the thick layer of sticky notes her dad left for her mom over the years, she learned that it's the small gestures that mean the most. This is exactly why she emphasizes capturing micro-moments like shaky hands and teary eyes on wedding days.

Behind her curly locks is a girl who loves a good chocolate chip cookie, puzzling to the sound of a True Crime documentary, and pouring through Zillow like it's her job.

Bryan’s absolute favorite thing about Olivia is that she has the ability to make anyone feel accepted and welcomed. She also makes the best squeaks when she sees a baby animal or something tiny!

Known to get lost in petting zoos (or the Target dollar spot), Olivia is a lover of all types of pasta & sending handwritten mail.

about us

I'm bryan

Bryan is passionate about relationships and lives to dive into what makes a couple tick. He can’t wait to hear how the proposal went (bonus points if the plan didn’t go as intended). Remembering the nerves he felt gives him solace that he’s not the only one who didn’t know exactly what to say when he popped the question to Olivia.

One of Bryan’s greatest honors during a wedding day is being with the guys before the ceremony while they're all doing finishing touches on their dapper wears. Being able to speak to the groom alone during portraits, before the big moments happen, has led to some of the best conversations.

Outside of the wedding day, Bryan is an Office-loving, dad-joke-spitting, morning-loving, practicer of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Olivia's favorite thing about Bryan is that he's the most tender, loving man she's ever met, which is saying a lot considering who her father is. Seriously... Bryan's the guy who brings extra water bottles for strangers on hikes.

Known for his love of well-worn t-shirts, sour candy, trying new craft beers, & morning runs.

about us

I'm Raisin

Raisin joined the McCracken crew in 2021. His parents applied for the largest sized dog (St. Bernard, Newfoundland, etc), but never thought about it twice when they saw a picture of Raisin. 

Part Chihuahua, a smidge Boston Terrier, and a hearty pinch of mini Australian Shepard, he's a southern gentleman turned midwesterner.

Raisins' Likes: 
  • Any crumb that falls on the floor
  • Belly rubs
  • Sleeping in the dirty laundry instead of plush dog beds



Known to sneak out the front door and flap his ears loud enough to break the sound barrier on every zoom call.

about us

I'm plum

After swearing they wouldn't get a second dog yet, they adopted a second dog. Scrolling Petfinder will do that to you ;). Senior lady and St. Bernard, Plum, came from a nightmare background of neglect and overbreeding. When her parents stumbled across her photo and background, they leapt to break her out of pup jail. 

After 7 full years of neglect it took 10 minutes for Plum to understand she was welcome inside, 1 day for her to accept love and pets, 3 days for her to realize that big squishy thing was a bed just for her, and 4 months to find her raspy, deep voice. 
No more flinching. No more cowering. Lots of treats. Extra tum tum rubs. 


Known for her raspy vocals, giant paws, and ensuring that no kibble is left behind.

Plum's Likes: 
  • Eating rotisserie chickens off the counter top
  • Laying in the snow
  • Really loud squeaky toys (to hold, not to chew on)


our favorite things:


Our couples and their families

They welcome us into their lives. The shared Kopps custard, onion rings and pups made us life long friends. 


guilty pleasure

Making a "quick bookstore run" and leaving with 11 books,  watching Night at the Museum over and over again, and really good nitro cold brew most afternoons.



Looking at dogs on Petfinder and creating a list of food themed pup names. 



Carbs are always a great option. If we could only ever go to one restaurant ever again, we'd both pick Forage Kitchen without hesitation. 



Each other! We start weekends with coffee and try our hand at some yoga. Typically ends in our legs shaking and we end up on the floor in lots of laughter. Never take yourself too seriously, you'll miss the good stuff.


part of our job

The relationships we get to create while adventuring with our couples.

Okay, and Culvers too. 

about you

Our couples are best friends who value marriage more than weddings

They value simple moments like experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen or whipping a u-turn to take a spontaneous adventure. They're not afraid of being themselves (as goofy as that might be) or showing just how passionate they are about each other.

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.