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The 26 Best Dogs of 2021

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December 30, 2021


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The second annual Best Dogs of the year has officially arrived, with double the amount of 2020! Each of these sweet faces are pups who have stepped in front of our lens during 2021 engagement sessions, weddings, or by wedding crashing 😉 They range from house hippos to service dogs, and everything in between.

Let’s get this ball rollin!

1. Meet Piper
She’s a sassy Bernadoodle with some of the bounciest legs you’ll ever see.

About Piper:

  • She snores
  • Thinks she’s a human
  • Can’t let her mom and dad hug without butting in and becoming part of the hug
A man and woman kiss a bernadoodle dog

2. Meet Hoagie
The biggest bun there ever was.

About Hoagie:

  • His best friend at home is a longhair cat named Cheddar
  • A southern gentleman from Kentucky
  • Terrified of inflatable halloween cat yard decorations
  • His favorite way to get on the couch is to jump over the back of it

3. & 4. Meet Pumba & Charlie
The comedic duo. Take a guess which one is which 😉

About Pumba:

  • Got his name because his Daddy loves Disney
  • He looks big and tough but is afraid of garbage cans, mops, and pillows.
  • Pumba LOVES his toys. He’ll play fetch with a ball for hours!

About Charlie:

  • Charlie is more cat-like than dog-like. You can do almost anything to him and he just lays there.
  • Loves getting dressed up.
  • Charlie is actually a service animal <3 and a boss over Pumba

5. Meet Maggie
She knows she’s cute.

About Maggie:

  • She watched ever so quietly as two of the humans she loves tied the knot during a Door County Sunset.
  • Loves carrots – a carrot a day keeps the eye doctor away
  • Is very much a California dog and loves to run on the sand when her owners take her to the beach
A bride holds a small dog on her wedding day in Door County, Wisconsin

6. Meet Jagger
Her personality is as big in person as it is in these photos! While her parents posed for romantic photos on the beach during their engagement session with us, she swam around like a shark in the background.

About Jagger:

  • Though she looks like a Golden Retriever, she’s actually a Golden Doodle!
  • Jagger LOVES to swim and fetch. Her owners can’t get her out of the water
  • Smiles with her bottom teeth when you say “do you…” 

7. Meet Archives
We’ve had the honor of hanging out with Archives many times over the years. And we’ll be the first to attest – he is just as cool as he sounds.

About Archives:

  • He’s a service dog
  • He’s a one-ear-up-pup (unless he’s excited, he has one ear up and one ear down at all times)
  • Archives knows how to boof on command – I repeat… he BOOFS!!!
  • He can wave

8. Meet Bennie
He might just have springs in his legs.

About Bennie:

  • He LOVES to bounce when he runs and plays
  • Bennie’s favorite game is tug
  • The best spot for pets is under the chin – Bennie certified
A poodle sits between his human's feet during a Devils Lake State Park Engagement Session

9. Meet Chester
Our nephew pup <3 That little nub tail makes his Auntie O & Uncle B Photo Co very proud.

About Chester:

  • He #2’s in only the tallest of grass
  • Chester gives little vocalized yawns/howls when he gets up from a nap or when you aren’t giving him enough attention
  • When he gets sleepy, his ears droop with his eyes
Corgi peeks out from behind a woman in a wedding dress

Bonus fact: Chester helped us move across town this past year. He even left his little tooth marks in the boxes so we would know which ones he packed 😉

A corgi stands on a uhaul ramp
Packing the Uhaul

10. & 11. Meet Harper & Scooby
Two seven year old peas in a pod

About Harper:

  • Harper was rescued from Alabama
  • Her parents affectionately refer to her as “wigglebutts” because her whole back end goes 90 miles a minute with excitement whenever she sees someone she loves! 

About Scooby:

  • Scooby is a lover – classic Golden Retriever
  • He loves his stuffed animals!

12. Meet Tater Tot
He’s a tiny spud with dapper style

About Tater Tot:

  • Best friends with a cat named V, who’s almost twice his size.
  • His favorite thing to do is nap on the couch, wedged between two people
  • Won’t eat if anyone is looking.
  • Really isn’t that much bigger than a handful of tater tots
A chihuahua wears a suit

13. Meet Maddie
The prettiest flower girl there ever was! She stopped for pets the entire way down the aisle at her parents wedding.

About Maddie:

  • Maddie Has her own speciality mixed drink named after her – aka the Stinky Dog
  • Nickname: Goof
  • She loves the snow and loves to cuddle

14. Meet Piper
A prancey little lady who stole the show at her parents engagement session

About Piper:

  • Piper was adopted from a local pet adoption agency called Fetch. While her owners don’t know her breed yet they’re excited to get her a dog dna test.
  • She is a huge snuggler! She will bury herself as close to you as she can possibly get.
  • Knows all of her friends’ names and will cry/whine when we say them because she wants to see them and play! If you see her, please don’t say Margo, Hazel, or Louise!
A man and woman kiss their dog at Raymer's Cove in Madison, Wisconsin

15. Meet Knox
With his laser vision and quick paws, all flying bugs are at his mercy.

About Knox:

  • “Knox” came from being a rescue from Knox County, TN- his parents saw it on his transfer paperwork and knew that was what his name had to be.
  • The neighborhood watch dog- he spends all day perched up on the back of the couch snoozing and watching the world go by.
  • Knox is the best cuddler- if there is a blanket, he will be cuddled up right next to you and under it. And at night, for a relatively small dog, he will claim his space on the bed and make his presence known.

16. Meet Gwyn
Aka the wedding crasher

About Gwyn:

  • While we don’t have background on Gwyn, we do know that enjoys love from anyone who will give it- including a group of strangers in their most formal wedding attire.
  • Gwyn showed up at Nobel Roots Brewing Company, where the wedding party had taken a pit stop before the reception festivities began.
  • She’s an influencer – check out her instagram here.
A man holds a corgi at Nobel Roots Brewing Company

17. & 18. Meet Luther & Jaxon
The littlest ones always have the biggest personalities, and these two are no exception.

About Luther & Jaxon:

  • Luther was Lexie’s “replacement” when she left for college. Ever since Lexie was little her family had called her Lex Luther or Luther. Well you guessed it, that’s why they call the pup Luther 🤭
  • When Luther first met Jaxson, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. Didn’t take long for that to change though. They’ve been inseparable ever since.
  • Jaxson gets super excited ALL THE TIME! He loves it when mom & dad come home or just random spirts of excitement throughout the day. But the cutest thing is when he lifts his lip, sneezing repeatedly & when your close enough to go in for the lick attack.

19. & 20. Meet Archie & Augie
As ring bearers at their parents wedding, they’re the best boys around. And they know it.

About Archie & Augie:

  • Archie’s full registered name is Archer’s On the Bullseye …and he was named that BEFORE he lost his eye and became a pirate boy.
  • Archie is a total mommas boy! He cuddles with her and if dad says “wheres your momma?!” He immediately
    runs to her
  • Auggie was named after the old tv show, Auggie Doggie and Doggie Daddy, which is ironic because Auggies dad is currently living in the Auggie/Archie household right now.
  • They are brothers even though they don’t look alike.

21. Meet Sydney Jean
The biggest girl with an even bigger heart

About Sydney Jean:

  • The rescue website thought Sydney was collie mix so her thought she would be medium sized. After a doggy DNA test, her owner found out that she is actually a Saint Bernard mix 😬 AKA a large girl.
  • Sydney got her name from my love of Australia. Her mom spent a semester abroad in a suburb of Sydney and am so glad to have a daily reminder of that time. And the Jean is just because I have a friend who insists dogs have 2 middle names. So her full name is really Sydney Jean Walrus Kamstra.
  • Favorite past time: being the center of attention, specifically snuggling with her mom or dad.
A man and woman kiss in the sunlight with their dog watching

22. Meet Remmy
He’s a bandana wearing feen

About Remmy:

  • Has the biggest attitude ever.
  • Proof of the tude: Remmy throws fits of little barks and grumbles while kicking his back legs.
  • He absolutely loves swimming or running through the woods after squirrels on our walks! You can always catch him in action. 
  • Remmy loves to nibble, whether it is on your ear or his favorite toy(which is currently a turkey) or sometimes himself! 

23. Meet Cookie
The tiniest girl with the biggest puppy dog eyes

About Cookie:

  • Cookie is Bichon Shih Tzu Mix
  • LOVES snuggles with her Dad
  • Cookie is much like the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz. She’ll bark at the door but will not approach until her mom or dad does first. #allbarknobite

24. Meet Finn
The face of a grumpy old man but the personality of a butterfly

About Finn:

  • Loves to present his butt for scratching
  • Sported a full on tuxedo with a bow tie and vest for his parent’s wedding.
  • Was featured for his good looks on Looks Like Film
A french bulldog poses in a Christmas sweater on a Wisconsin Christmas Tree Farm

25. Meet Twyla
She arrived in her parents life just before they got married, and made their little family complete.

About Twyla:

  • She is a cuddly, sweet black lab mix
  • Twyla loves butt scratches and will turn around and show you her tush until you pet it
  • Knows how to play soccer with her ball

And who would we be if we didn’t sneak our own new addition in the mix?!? We had been waiting for YEARS to make add a fuzzy face to our family. On Thanksgiving Eve, this little turkey officially zoomied his way from Texas and into our household. Forever grateful to Rescue Gang.

26. Meet Raisin
Assistant to the manager of O & B Photo Co.

About Raisin:

  • The Office is his preferred show. He sits and watches the screen with intent, but only when The Office and reality TV is on!
  • If you’re within 500 feet, he shows you his belly in hopes that you’ll cave and give him tummy rubs
  • Loves sleeping in your arms if you hold him on his back like a baby.

Where would we be without these dogs in our lives? Many of us have incredible rescue organizations to endlessly thank for bringing these furry rays of sunshine into out lives and making our hearts smile.

You should definitely take this as a sign to adopt a dog 😉 Sweet faces are just a click away
Click this link to see your future dog

Here are a few Wisconsin based rescues you don’t want to sleep on:

  • Rescue Gang: Where Raisin came from! This rescue organization operates exclusively out of foster homes in order to give each dog the most relaxing “hotel stay” while they wait for their forever home.
  • Lola’s Lucky Day: Lola’s rescues dogs in the epicenter of animal abandonment/cruelty: Houston, Texas. They work extensively to pair you with a dog that best matches your personality/needs and vice versa. They even meet with you via zoom prior to approving your application.
  • Fetch: Where Piper (#) came from! Fetch specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating dogs across all of the Midwest.



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