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Intimate boat wedding in Northern Wisconsin

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When we aren't crafting new recipes in our cozy kitchen, and visiting the most jaw-dropping WI wedding venues, we're tap-dacing across the keyboard to bring this tip filled blog to you! 

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They delighted in their intimate wedding on a boat in Northern Wisconsin on his birthday, shared a first dance on board to the song he wrote for her, and even cut their wedding cake with a birthday candle on top (that wouldn’t light because of the wind 😅)

Of utmost importance – “nothing too posed: we want it to feel like were just best friends talking with each other.” And that’s exactly how Mariah and Jordans sailboat wedding went.

Door County Elopement Photographers, O & B Photo Co, capture a bride flinging water drops from her wedding dress while her groom holds her in the water of Sister Bay, Wisconsin.

How to get married on a sailboat in Northern Wisconsin

Step by step, here’s how you can get married on a boat in Northern Wisconsin!

1. First things first, you’ll want to find the perfect sailboat for your intimate wedding! Mariah and Jordan chose a sunset cruise with the Edith M. Becker of Sail Door County. The newlyweds even raised the notorious red sails together with the help of the Captain. Deckhand Harrison expertly took over to tie off the ropes. The captained boat tours the bay of Sister Bay with views of the Peninsula State Park and pine covered cliffs. 

Sailboat wedding

Other Northern Wisconsin boat wedding venues to check out: 

  • Chief Waupaca on the crystal clear waters of the Chain O’ Lakes. This paddleboat river cruise is a red and white beauty that Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn could only dream of! Sip cocktails from the onboard bar and enjoy dinner on the waves. Alternatively you can head back to their lakeside restaurant or private boathouse for your micro wedding reception!
  • Charter a private boat around the Apostle Islands AND make it a sleepover! Superior Charters has a fleet of modern sailboats – all of which have cabins, bathrooms, and a fridge for food. This is your luxury Lake Superior intimate boat wedding venue! 
  • Sea Caves! Family owned PMG Charters takes you up close and personal with the Apostle Island Sea Caves. If you’re feeling adventurous you can bring or rent kayaks and paddle the caves while saying your vows. You can also sail you over to Raspberry Island to elope in front of a lighthouse, amongst the other Apostle Islands, lighthouses, and many beaches. 

Door County Sailboat Wedding

2. Next, you’ll need an officiant and marriage license! Some captains may be willing to marry you but this is something that will need to be arranged ahead of time. Taking the weight off your shoulders, we (your intimate boat wedding Wisconsin photographers) include complimentary officiating for each of our eloping couples! Bryan mindfully crafts your custom, short, and sweet ceremony. He also guides you on the finer details of how and where to get your marriage license in Wisconsin, how it should be turned in, and more! 

Mariah leans her head on Jordans shoulder during their elopement on a boat in Northern Wisconsin. Bryan officiates the ceremony. Photographed by O & B Photo Co.

3. Plan your elopement ceremony. While it can be literally anything you want it to be (that’s why you’re eloping anyways isn’t it!?) here’s what Mariah and Jordan did. As the boat swayed gently in the bay, they opened notes that their family and friends had written to them for this special day. Some notes were typed, some handwritten, and all had tear stains as Jordan & Mariah read them as part of their marriage ceremony. Bryan officiated their intimate ceremony of two and pronounced them as husband and wife.

Heard across Sister Bay were the shouts of joy ringing from the crew. Pop went the champagne! Clink went the glasses! Perfectly romantic, laid-back, stress-free, epic, and the most unique way to get married!

Why should I have an intimate Wisconsin boat wedding? 

Northern Wisconsin is a dramatic landscape; it’s a harmony of the nostalgia of childhood summers on the water, ruggedness of cliffs and white cap waves, and the magic of getting lost in nature.

When we asked Mariah and Jordan why they wanted to have an intimate Wisconsin boat wedding and their answer was straightforward . “We love the water and the idea of sailing off into the sunset together!”

Our favorite intimate Wisconsin wedding venue- Sail Door County, sails between the silhouettes of newly married Mariah and Jordan.

It’s stress free, no decorating required (but of course you can add as much or as little pizazz as you’d like), and laid back. Speaking of decorating, Mariah & Jordan worked with Flora Flower Shop to create two floral installations that could be mounted onto the sailboat ropes and railings, and then easily dismantled to reuse elsewhere. We reused the installations for an after swim on the beach!

Bride sits in the sand in her wedding dress during her intimate Northern Wisconsin waterfront wedding.

A Northern Wisconsin boat wedding is for you if you adore the feeling of the breeze in your hair, the sound of lapping waves, fresh air, and just you and your partner (or even a few of your closest people too) making a unique memory together!

Where should I have a boat elopement in Northern Wisconsin?

Okay so you’ve got the details down, but now you’re wondering WHERE should this magic happen? We’ve photographed and explored many places in Northern Wisconsin; places such as Door County, The Chain O’ Lakes, Apostle Island Sea Caves, and Bayfield, Wisconsin would be absolute perfection for a sailboat elopement. As Wisconsin elopement and microwedding photographers, we guide you in narrowing down what hidden gem is the best for you; taking into account things like the level of adventure vs amenities, what is most doable for the family or friends you might include, where to stay, and more.

Turn those elopement ideas into reality, with just one click – Schedule your complimentary consultation with us so we can take care of planning, photographing, and officiating your Northern Wisconsin intimate boat wedding! 

Northern WI beach wedding

Mariah and Jordan got ready and shared their first look over glasses of wine at the Dörr Hotel, just a block away from the Sister Bay Marina. The close proximity and modern Scandinavian style of the Dörr Hotel makes it a must have stay for your intimate boat wedding in Northern Wisconsin. 

Jordan watched from a chair in the Dörr Hotel lobby as bride,Mariah, descends the staircase. They're preparing for their Northern Wisconsin boat wedding.

Wisconsin elopement on the water 

After getting their sea legs back, we hiked over to the nearby beach and well, the rest is (steamy) history ;).

Bride and groom swim in Lake Michigan during their Northern Wisconsin waterfront elopement with O & B Photo Co.
Mariah kisses Jordan's hand after playing in the water during their intimate Door County wedding

How do I plan an elopement in Wisconsin?

Step #1


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When we aren't crafting new recipes in our cozy kitchen, and visiting to the most jaw-dropping WI wedding venues, we're tap-dacing across the keyboard to bring this tip filled blog to you! 

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